School Rules

'Corporal punishment' to students in educational institution is legally banned all over the country. We all wholeheartedly welcome these verdict, as well we all want our children to grow in a fear-free atmosphere and build their career joyfully. But unfortunately, taking undue advantage of this well-intended law, some students, having NO fear of anybody either at home or in the school, are bent on breaking the rules, and thus becoming a Threat and Danger to the fabric of 'Temple of Learning'. Therefore, the management is left with no option, but to dismiss right away with immediate effect those students who come in the following category:-

  1. Those who are caught in stealing, theft, 'Whistle Blowers', and 'Ring Leaders' of Groupism, quarrel, fights and politics which are detrimental to the peaceful atmosphere of the school.
  2. Those who are habitually late comers, indisciplined careless, dull, lazy and sluggish.
  3. Those who misbehave with Teachers (ladies and gents), disobey and threaten them and challenge the Management.
  4. Those who are continuous nuisance, disturbance and headache to the teachers and classmates.
  5. Those whose parents unnecessarily try to implicate and threaten the staff and Management for their ward's weakness, laziness and failure in exams.
  6. Those who fail to qualify themselves for promotion as per the standard set by C.B.S.E.
  7. Those who don't pay the school fees in time in spite of repeated reminders.

All students are strictly forbidden:-
  1. To use mobile phones, wristwatch, camera and to bring chocolates,toffees, paan, tobacco, supari, gutka, gift items or any kind of weapon to the school premises.
  2. To drive into the school compound without a valid driving license.
  3. To wear any other dress other than the uniform prescribed by the school Management.
  4. No girl student shall come to the school with fashion hair style,mehandi, nail polish, jewellery, bangles or nose rings.
  5. No boy student shall come to the school with tattoo, long hair, mustache, earrings, bracelets or chappals.
  6. No student shall indulge in any objectionable activity like whistle blowing in and outside the class room, hooliganism, loose talks, conspiracy, offensive remarks, nor shall they use vulgar language, nor destroy or damage any school property for which they will have to compensate.

All students are strictly advised:-
  1. To be regular, punctual in the school, maintaining discipline and keeping the decorum of the school.
  2. Behave yourself and prove your character and your family culture-and outside the classroom.
  3. Be hygienic, healthy, happy and properly dressed as per the norms of the school.
  4. Do hair cut, nail cut, dress-wash regularly to be clean, neat, pleasant and mingling with all.
  5. Show great respect and deep love for your teachers and school/classmates.
  6. Be humble, simple, gentle and polite in the school, because this is your school- "Attempter of Learning"
  7. Pay school fees in time to avoid inconvenience and to save unnecessary late fee surcharges.
  8. In case of any emergency or difficulty, please feel free and comfortable to approach your Class Teacher/Principal/Manager immediately for assistance.