Academic Calendar

April - 2024

13-04-2024Speech competition, Topic- Features of Indian ConstitutionHouse-wiseLiterary Club
20-04-2024Notice Board Decoration CompetitionClass-wise I-XClass Teacher
24-04-2024Earth Day exhibition with greeneryClass-wise N.C - XEco Club
27-04-2024Computer Literacy TestClass-wise I-V & VI-XSocio Commerce
30-04-2024Spell Bee Verb CompetitionClass-wise I-V & VI-XLiterary Club

May - 2024

04-05-2024Spell Bee States and Capital Cities of IndiaClass-wise V-XSocio Commerce
18-05-2024Nurses Day Celebration (Thank you card making for the nurses)Assembly VI-XHealth and Wellness Club

June - 2024

14-06-2024World Environment Day (Save Environment)Class-wise VI-XEco Club
15-06-2024World Blood Donor Day (Nukkad Natak)Assembly IX-XHealth and Wellness Club
21-06-2024Yoga/Music DayClass-wise N.C-XSports Club
24-06-2024P.T - I

July - 2024

04-07-2024Healthy Food CompetitionAssembly VI-XHealth and Wellness Club
06-07-2024Investiture function/PlantationClass-wise I-XSports Club
13-07-2024Activity based on maths (like angle dance, model making competition)House-wise I-VMaths Club
15-07-2024Debate, Topic- Rural area vs Urban areaAssembly VI-VIIISocio Commerce
20-07-2024Science exhbition (Model making and explanation)Class-wise VIII-XScience Club
24-07-2024Man made calamity vs Natural calamity (collage)Class-wise VIII-XArts & Aesthetic
26-07-2024P.T. - II

August - 2024

02-08-2024Chess competitionClass-wise I-XSports Club
10-08-2024Debate - Agriculture vs IndustriesClass-wise IX-XSocio Commerce
13-08-2024Patriotic Dance CompetitionHouse-wise I-IVCultural Club
15-08-2024National Anthem CompetitionHouse-wise I-V & VI-XCultural Club
15-08-2024Independence DayLiterary Club
17-08-2024Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi Making competition, Mehndi competition)Class-wise I-V & VI-XArts & Aesthetic
22-08-2024Term - I

September - 2024

05-09-2024Teacher's Day CelebrationSchool Cabinet Member
13-09-2024Hindi diwas aur siksha ka mahatwa (Hindi speech) Hindi assemblyHouse-wise I-IVLiterary Club
27-09-2024Swachhata missionClass-wise V-XSports Club

October - 2024

02-10-2024Hindi speech competition, Topic- Mahatma GandhiHouse-wise VI-VIIILiterary Club
05-10-2024Embroidery CompetitionHouse-wise I-XArts & Aesthetic
08-10-2024Carom Board (Boys/Girls)House-wise I-XSports Club
14-10-2024Global Hand Washing DayAssebmly VI-VIIIEco Club
26-10-2024Best out of wasteClass-wise VIII-XArts & Aesthetic
30-10-2024Rangoli & Diya making competitionHouse-wise & Class-wiseCultural Club

November - 2024

04-11-2024Basketball (Boys)House-wise V-XSports Club
09-11-2024State wise dance competitionHouse-wise I-IVCultural Club
14-11-2024Children's Day (Food stall & Hand-made craft)House-wise I-XTeachers
18-11-2024P.T. - III
30-11-2024Mental MathsI-VIIIMaths Club

December - 2024

02-12-2024National Pollution Control Day (Theme- Solution of Pollution)Assembly VIII-XScience Club
02-12-2024Kabbadi Match (Boys/Girls)House-wiseSports Club
04-12-2024Navy Day (India)AssemblyHealth and Wellness Club
14-12-2024Minority Rights Day (India) Debate competition Topic- Minorities are safe in India in current daysClass-wise VIII-XCultural Club
21-12-2024Christmas celebrationCultural Club

January - 2025

13-01-2025Kite making competitionClass-wise I-VIIICultural Club
11-01-2025Army Day (India)Assebmly VI-VIIISports Club
16-01-2025P.T. - IV
24-01-2025National Girl Child Day (India) Speech Competition, Nukkad NatakAssembly VIII-XLiterary Club
26-01-2025Republic DaySocio Commerce

February - 2025

02-02-2025St Katherine Kasper PHJC Feast Day Celebration (School Day), Speech CompetitionVIII-XCultural Club
06-02-2025Valedictory functionCultural & Science Club
20-02-2025Final Exam (Term II)