Head Boy/Girl's Message

Head Boy/Head Girl Message 2021-22

"Leadership is not a position, it is an action"

Being appointed as the Head Girl of the school, which is really a privileged opportunity. It is God's blessing, along with the love and support of my family and friends, that has bought me here. I am grateful to our respected Principal Sr. Sherine for deeming me worthy enough to hold this prestigious post, and to all my teachers who believed in me and saw something that I myself could never have.

I promise to live up to the trust shown in me by giving my best and leading the school with confidence, humility, and grace. I take this opportunity to thank all my teachers who have always guided our path and I assure every member of this school that no compromise will be made in executing my duties as a school leader.

Sometimes, you just need to have faith and let go, remember to be grateful. Be you even when it's hard.

Thank You,

Ankita Bhengra

(Head Girl)

Being a student of Katherine undoubtedly I can say that it is the best school to study in. It is the confidence of the well educated ''guiding lights' - the teachers who burn themselves through their hard work to light you the developing candles; a perfect head to lead the school - the principal Sr. Sherine, Sisters, supporting staff who help us through their visible and invisible ways.

I am grateful to the principal and the school staff for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to serve my school, it is a matter of extreme honour to be elected as the Head boy of such an elite institution that has excelled in each and every field, be it academics or sports, etc.

"The life gives you the opportunity once only so, make use of it"

I would like to thank all the members of this wonderful institution for giving me such moral and spiritual values which have polished me and shaped me to become worthy of being a Head boy, this institution has also helped my emergence as a good student, also a good human being.

There are many ways or positive thinking which a person can apply in order to achieve his or her goal and become successful in life. I am not an experienced person but some key points are there which can be applied like:

  • Work hard, not smart
  • Try to complete the work, not to quit
  • Believe in yourself

Being a Head boy of Katherine Academy School, I will try to give my 100% and the level best to help students, maintain discipline, and make this school a beautiful place for every single student.

Thank You,

Ajay Singh Munda

(Head Boy)