Our Patroness - St Katherina Kasper

Our Patroness

St. Katherina Kasper was born on May 26, 1820 in Dernbach, Germany, the eighth child of a peasant farmer and his wife. The domestic conditions in which she grew up gave her empathy for the plight of the poor, especially rural poor. Through these experiences, she felt inspired by God to help them. This awakened in her the decision to devote herself entirely to the service of the people around her.

St. Katherina Kasper was convinced that education is not merely the imparting of knowledge but the development of the whole person enabling the students to become an agent of transformation in today's society. St. Katherina Kasper trained her sisters to take up the teaching mission's effectively. She made it clear to them that their work is to be imbued with love for God and love for neighbour and whatever is for the students is done as an overflow of God's love for them.